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Author: Ian Eallard
The guitar requires two types of musical notations, the standard notation and the tablature. Both these notations enable you to play the guitar. Tablature or tabs as they are called are musical notations used to play fretted instruments. They originated during the Renaissance period with the Luke but today they are used in modern guitar musical notation. They tell you where to place your fingers on the guitar to be able to play. Six lines that symbolize the six strings of the guitar are contained in a guitar staff.

The low E is at the bottom and the high E is at the top. What you can do is put numbers on the lines indicating a fret on the guitar neck. Guitar tablature is designed only for fretted instruments. It is not possible to read rhythm on a guitar tablature, nor is it possible to see the duration of a note. Very often standard notation and guitar tabs are combined, to play the instrument, one to get the rhythm and the other to help you on how and where to play the notes. It is very easy to identify notes on a staff using mnemonics.If you decide to collect guitar sheet music, you must store it well. You can store it in plastic bags, which will help maintain them and prevent damage. This way you can protect your sheet music for a longer period of time.

The Internet has brought forth many resources for musicians, from one-click access to research of songs, pieces and bands, to easy access to catalogues full of thousands of instruments and other products that can be ordered and shipped directly to them with a few simple clicks. Perhaps one of the most valuable resources that has emerged has been digital sheet music, which allows musicians to not only buy sheet music through the Internet, but literally have access to the music immediately. Digital music provided by reputable companies allows musicians to start working on a song minutes after it pops into their heads, and is far less expensive than buying sheet music outright because there are no shipping costs or printing costs involved. Musicians buying digital sheet music through well-run, dependable companies know they are satisfying all applicable Copyright Law, which means they are supporting fellow musicians, including composers, songwriters and performers and saving themselves from future legal trouble.

Purchasing digital sheet music from online resources is the perfect way for guitarists to easily and conveniently get the music they need while complying with all aspects of Copyright Law. Usually these sites offer large selection of guitar digital sheet music, along with guitar tabs and other resources to help guitarists hone their craft.

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