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Author: Marko Vuorinen
There's a lot of great sounding products on the Internet, but
you can't help but wonder, "Can I trust them to deliver what
was promised in the sales letter? Will I get ripped-off, or
is this really a good deal?" ...

Well myself and over 1,000 Internet Marketers decided to get together
and finally do something about it and make it totally free for
anyone who wants to join us.

That's right ... over 1,000 Internet marketers (gurus and newbies
and everyone in between) decided that something had to be done,
but we're not selling access!! But you can ONLY join when you
are referred ...

This incredible resource for Internet marketers has been our little
secret, until today.

Look, we've been living in the dark ages when it came to getting user-based
feedback and information about the hundreds of Internet marketing
products available online.

With more coming out every day who could possibly keep up?

Buying this, buying that ... many times wasting our hard-earned money
based on sales pitches that sometimes failed to live up to promises.

We also missed out on those really good products that no one ever
promotes because there's no affiliate program!

We were all asking the same question: "Why isn't there someplace
we could go to get reviews of Internet marketing products by those
who have actually purchased and used them? Real reviews, by real people?"

... Now there is a place you can go, a safe place, a totally ad-free place.

Over 1,000 Associate Editors and real people, just like you, review
and rate Internet marketing services and products they've purchased
and used on the site ...

This brand new site, a well-kept secret of to those 'inside' the Internet
marketing inner circles, is opening to the public today!

Already you'll find hundreds of reviews on:

= Courses and Seminars
= Software Products (Desktop and Server Side)
= Membership Sites
= Ebooks
= Free Resources
= MLM/Network Marketing
= 3rd Party Payment Processors
= Automation Tools
= Forums and Discussion Boards
= Hosting Services
= and much more ...

And you can rate the person actually doing the review to keep them honest.

Users also can 'report' reviews they feel are in bad taste or full of
you know what so they get deleted fast ...

And if you don't see a product listed that you'd like to review or be
reviewed, you can always "suggest" a product using the easy to find
links inside the site ...

This is a limited opportunity to join a totally ad-free site that is
100% dedicated to helping you avoid scams and wasting your money on
really bad products, find great products you never knew existed and
rate them!

Sign up now because I don't know how long this offer to join for
free will be available,

Just go to:

To get more information and to join!

That's all there is to it. I'll see you on the 'inside'

Marko Vuorinen

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