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Author: Ryon Watson
The reality is that coffee hits many spots! For centuries, people all over the world have loved it, and its fame is away from fading these days. As a matter of fact, coffee fans have more variations of delicious drink than ever before, as cafes and espresso bars can be seen all over the place.

No matter how you prefer your coffee, whether it be black, frothy cappuccino, latte, espresso, hot coffee or iced coffee, the choices offered to tease your taste buds is enormous.

Below are several of the names as well as terms you will come across at a coffee shop menu. This is the classic description of well-known coffees. A lot of places have come up with their individual descriptions of it; therefore keep that in mind while you are figuring out what to order.

Caffe Mocha - This is often mentioned as Mocha. A traditional mocha is 1/3rd espresso, 1/3rd hot chocolate and 1/3rd steamed milk. It is just like a chocolate cappuccino and can be prepared in diverse flavors through adding syrups like Irish Cream, Hazelnut, or French Vanilla. Unfortunately, The majority of coffee houses do not make the traditional caffe mochas. Mass coffee chains make use of chocolate syrup with espresso as well as hot milk.

Caffe Americano - This is an espresso drink to simulate how majority of American's drink their coffee. It is only an espresso drink mixed with hot water.

Caffe Latte - The latte is possibly the most famous espresso based beverage. Basically a creamier cappuccino, hot milk is mixed with a fresh shot of espresso topped off with a 1/4th inch layer of foam.

Espresso Macchiato - An espresso with a little amount of milk.
Now Guess what! Coffee is really good for you!

The coffee benefits consist of:
It's thermogenic; generates heat, stimulates the metabolic rate, and helps strengthen your fat burning fire.
Supplies the body with Vitamin B1 as well as Magnesium. Both contribute to the production of strength in your body.
Provide a strong antioxidant known as cholorgenic acid, which helps enhance insulin sensitivity as well as targets free radicals.
Inhibits iron absorption if drank after a meal
Let’s more blood reach the brain.
Provides the antioxidant caffeic, which has protecting qualities against cancers as well as other diseases. Been related to lower occurrences of breast, lung, and prostate cancer.
Boosts enzyme pathways in the liver, helping you cleanse estrogen.
Increases nitric oxide production which enhances blood vessel health.
Provides you a great workout boost improving strength and power.

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Ryon writes about the Espresso bars and coffee shop menu. For more details about hot coffee, Caffe Mocha, Caffe Americano log on

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How many cup cofee we drink in one day ?

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<a >The reality is that coffee hits many spots!</a>

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